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‘Never skimp on a hoover’
Author Matt Greene shares his wisdom with us

Matt Greene is the author of the brilliant coming-of-age novel Ostrich and he was nice enough to answer a few of our (slightly difficult) questions.

Who is your favourite author?

I tend to have favourite books rather than favourite authors. But probably one of Lorrie Moore, Kazuo Ishiguro or Anne Tyler.

What book do you most often recommend to friends?

Infinite Jest. Mostly to prove I finished it.

Do you have any writing rituals?

Yes. Between sentences I like to spend 12-14 hours browsing the internet. But please don’t tell Jonathan Franzen or he’ll revoke my poetic licence.

If you weren’t a writer what job would you liked to have gone into?

That’s a tough one. I am terrifically lazy so probably I’d have liked to slip on the pavement outside an expensive restaurant.

What is the best thing about being a writer?

The dress code. That or the adulation of my fan.

What one item could you not live without?

My pacemaker. Just kidding. My insulin pen.

What makes you happy?

Well these are getting easier and easier… [Well we do like to keep our authors from slacking – OBL]

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Never skimp on a hoover.

The members of my dream book club would be…

Eternally grateful to me when I explained why they were wrong about that book they loved.

Ostrich will be out in paperback in January 2015. It is available now in hardback and eBook 

Matt Greene

Matt Greene was born in Watford in 1985 and studied English Language at the University of Sussex, where he edited The Badger newspaper and first became interested in writing for the stage. He has co-written four plays for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, including the sell-out farce The Straight Man.