Meet The Team



Sophie can mostly be found in the Orion Fiction Marketing department chatting about books and hunting down snacks. She loves nothing more than discovering exciting new fiction (especially anything a bit odd or unusual), so is over the moon to be part of Team One Book Lane. When not at Orion Towers Sophie is most likely in a cinema, running, dancing, making something or bombarding her friends and family with unsolicited book recommendations. Follow Sophie on Twitter @SophPainter for book chat, dog envy and excessive swooning over anyone Northern.


Lucy is Orion Fiction’s Publicity Assistant and the newest member of the One Book Lane team. When she isn’t raving about Orion’s authors and organising many blog tours, she’s in front of a camera reviewing books as a content creator on YouTube. She has a particular soft spot for historical fiction, YA and women’s fiction and there’s rarely a minute of the day that isn’t spent working on books – but lucky for her, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Aside from the literary, you can often find her fuelling her addiction to caffeine and listening to far too much Taylor Swift. She’s not ashamed (not even a little bit). Follow her on Twitter @bookbellereads for regular updates on life as a Northerner in London and plenty of book chat.


Julia is Senior Digital Marketing Manager for the Orion  and spends her days devising plans on how to get everyone on the internet reading the latest of Orion’s great books. She loves a huge variety of fiction and non-fiction, and since the age of 10 has stood by the statement that Jane Eyre is her favourite novel. When not buried in a book, Julia can be found baking, trying out a variety of London restaurants, knitting or discussing the latest series of Grey’s Anatomy/GBBO. She can be found on Twitter @juliacatherine for book and food commentary.


Marissa is the Digital Marketing Director at Orion. She’s a native Bostonian-turned-New Yorker-turned-Londoner, and loves exploring every twist and turn of her new(ish) city. Her favourite things in life are books, food, the internet, interior design, and travel, and books about food, the internet, interior design, and travel. You can find her occasionally tweeting about all of these things at @marissa_hussey, but her Pinterest account is much more regularly updated. Marissa grew up on a farm, so she knows her way around a vegetable stand and owns a lot of cookbooks. She tried to knit once, but, you know…


Hannah is the Social Media Executive at Orion. She can often be seen in the office eating other people’s snacks and asking Marissa and Julia her 18th question of the day, and offering them a Buzzfeed link, cup of tea or sarcastic comment (they don’t usually get to pick which). She loves breakfast foods above all things, and will aggressively justify why Mean Girls is in her top three films when questioned, leaving you to wish you’d never asked and/or for early death. Hannah lives in East London which means she is legally obligated to date someone with a beard and attend pretentious and ludicrous events in abandoned spaces, preferably involving a retro food. You can follow her on Twitter: @hatkinson_. You cannot follow her in real life.


Alex is the resident digital boy at Orion and, as such, is often found hanging out back of the Orion websites, getting excited when he finds a new geeky toy to play with, or getting distracted by the general lunacy of the internet. A stalwart aficionado of foreign novels (particularly Spanish and Japanese), when not reading Alex can be seen buying another plaid shirt for which there is no justification, deliberating his facial topiary or constructing elaborate, tortuous puns. Follow Alex on Twitter @ImAlexCrow  for less concerted ramblings.


Jo is a fiction editor at Orion. She works on a huge variety of great books, from crime to young adult, and is thrilled to be part of the One Book Lane Team. Jo’s a Yorkshire lass who moved from the moors to the big smoke, and Wuthering Heights is her all-time favourite novel. When not scoping out the newest fiction, Jo can be found teaching professional stretching (aka Pilates) to her (mostly complying) colleagues, performing with her band, dancing, reading or watching police procedurals on Netflix. Follow Jo on Twitter @jogledhilll.


Harriet is the Marketing Assistant at Orion where she helps out with marketing ALL THE BOOKS. A manatee and dachshund enthusiast, she can often be found talking about ridiculous animals or laughing embarrassingly. One of her key features is her overtly expressive face which means she can’t lie and hence would be terrible if interrogated. She is also quite keen on books. If you want to hear more about books and/or aquatic mammals, follow Harriet on Twitter @HKilikita.


Sophie Buchan was born in north Scotland and got into books when she realised sheep would never get the knack of Scrabble. She now commissions fiction on the W&N list where her authors include Michèle Forbes, author of Irish Book Award-shortlisted Ghost Moth, Orange-longlisted Melanie Finn and Bernhard Schlink. In between being born and her current predicament, she has brought Lovejoy to the French, lived on a shelf in Paris, and once ended up in Kazakhstan for a bet. When Sophie is not reading, she is a spy. Sometimes she makes owl noises: @sophiebuchan