‘I’ve witnessed the shift from print to digital’
Alena Graedon on her inspiration for The Word Exchange

Having worked as the Manager of Literary Awards and Membership at PEN America Center, Alena Graedon is no stranger to the world of communication. Her debut novel,The Word Exchange is a literary thriller and a love story set in a world threatened by the disappearance of language. We caught up with her to hear more about the inspirations for the novel.

‘I get to create a world – and people to live in it’
Musician and debut author Colin MacIntyre tells us the best things about being a writer

Colin MacIntyre is an award-winning musician who has released six albums under the name Mull Historical Society
Colin’s debut novel, The Letters of Ivor Punch is set on the island of Mull, and tells a story about home and the leaving of it, about fathers and sons, and about an eccentric community steeped in generations of folklore and secrets. We caught up with Colin to find out a bit more about him.